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Anna Anton

Anna earned her Club Coaching certification with USA Powerlifting (USAPL), as well as her Level 1 Sport Performance certification with USA Weightlifting (USAW). She is both a state and nationally ranked competitive powerlifter in the USAPL Open and Masters 57kg division.

“My clients come in all shapes, sizes & ages. I customize training sessions according to an individual’s needs focusing on lifting form, strength building, injury recovery and prevention, fitness work, and stretching. Throughout the day, I enjoy working with athletes looking to gain strength and improve their lifting technique. I train individuals and small groups of men and women interested in building lean muscle and boosting their metabolism. "

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Women in the their 40’s and 50’s come to me with the same question; ‘I’ve been doing cardio all my life…why do I have this weight around my middle?’ I work with them to make the changes necessary for their bodies to work for them, instead of against them. I tell all of my new people the same two things…We’re all busy; just show up! Make your training a priority, and you’ll see results."


Health Matters...Talking Strength with Anna Anton and Callahan of Roswell Barbell.

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Fit and fabulous over 50
Anna Anton helps women achieve their fitness goals.

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Strength Coach Anna Anton explains the process of designing a strength building program.

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Anna offers Group Training Sessions and 1-On-1 Coaching, that include customized training, consultations and health/diet regimens.
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